PreVeil is lauded for its “weapons-grade security” and ease of use

PreVeil’s industry-leading platform for encrypted email and file-sharing has been named Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine, with a special call-to-attention going to suppliers to the DoD as they prepare to meet the new cybersecurity standards found in CMMC.

Lead security analyst for PC Magazine Neil Rubenking named PreVeil Editors’ Choice for encrypted email, writing: “With PreVeil you get secure could storage along with secure email that’s tough enough for business but extremely easy to use.”

This is particularly important for DIB companies now meeting CMMC’s standards designed to protect CUI and FCI. Those companies seeking to achieve level 3 compliance and above need PreVeil’s “weapons-grade security,” in order to secure their communications and files. Ease of deployment and use makes PreVeil a natural for small and medium sized DIB companies preparing to comply with CMMC as well.

“After hearing about the high-end cryptographic technology embodied by this program, you might expect it’d require a PhD to operate,” wrote Rubenking. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“With PreVeil you get secure cloud storage along with secure email that’s tough enough for business but extremely easy to use, without switching to a new email address… With PreVeil, you just start using it and get world-class protection for your email privacy.”

The DoD’s new CMMC regulations are changing the way that the 100,000 companies in the defense industrial base are required to demonstrate digital security excellence. Previously, cybersecurity was self-attested. Now, companies must meet clearly defined and audited security standards in order to bid on contracts.

Small to medium sized businesses may be concerned about how to bring themselves up to code. One of the biggest problems for companies in the defense industrial base historically, in terms of upgrading cybersecurity, has been ease of use and implementation. With PreVeil, the best security is now also the easiest to use security.

“PreVeil uses security technology that’s suitable for protecting the most important business data (and complying with government regulations), but completely hides any complexity from the user” writes security expert Neil Rubenking. “You don’t have to set up a new email address, you don’t have to change your email client.”

PreVeil offers direct support for Outlook and Gmail, high-tech key recovery, and the secure encrypted file-sharing your team needs to remain competitive in the defense industrial base.

“Other encrypted email solutions we’ve reviewed come with significant baggage,” writes PC Magazine. “Not PreVeil.”

“Finally, a security solution that won’t leave your company’s IT department swamped with support tickets,” writes Rubenking, citing PreVeil’s top-tier technology, ease of use, and secure file sharing.

“PreVeil is our new ‘Editors’ Choice’ for encrypted email.”

Whether your company is striving to achieve CMMC level one, level five, or any level in between, end to end encrypted communications are a key part of bringing your security up to code. Read through our breakdown of the 3 levels of the CMMC to identify which level is right for your team. Then reach out – we’ll get you there.

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