PreVeil Email offers a secure and private enhancement to conventional email solutions such as Gmail and O365, addressing their inherent limitations in security, privacy, and compliance without disrupting the user’s existing email habits.

Seamless Integration with Existing Email Platforms

PreVeil is not a replacement but an enhancement that operates alongside services like Gmail and O365. It integrates directly into the existing email interface, adding a secure, second inbox within the same application. This setup allows users to continue using their existing email addresses for general communications while utilizing PreVeil for those requiring stringent security measures. This dual-inbox approach, much like iMessage uses one phone number for both secure messages and standard SMS, enables users to manage all their communications—whether standard or sensitive—within a single platform.

Dual-Inbox Solution: Best of Both Worlds

PreVeil’s integration provides:

  • General Inbox for Everyday Use: Users can continue leveraging the familiar Gmail or O365 interface for routine communications.
  • Secure Inbox for Sensitive Communications: For confidential or critical information, PreVeil provides a secure inbox that ensures top-level security, privacy, and compliance.

Advanced Security and Encryption

PreVeil employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that emails are accessible only to the sender and the recipient, with decryption keys held exclusively by them. This method maintains privacy and security, preventing even PreVeil from accessing the content, which significantly enhances the security over server-side decryption practices like those used by Gmail and O365.

Enhanced Privacy and Compliance

PreVeil guarantees utmost privacy by preventing any access to or decryption of users’ emails. It supports compliance with stringent regulations such as CMMC, NIST 800-171, ITAR, DFARS, HIPAA, and PCI, making it indispensable for regulated industries.

Superior Protection Against Spam and Phishing

The ‘Trusted Communities’ feature of PreVeil significantly mitigates the risk of spam and phishing by allowing only verified contacts to communicate via the secure inbox. This controlled environment provides a more secure email experience compared to the broader filtering approaches of traditional email services.

Advanced Enterprise Features

PreVeil supports advanced enterprise features like e-discovery and retention policies, crucial for systematic data management and legal compliance. These features are essential for organizations that need to manage their communications and data meticulously to meet legal and regulatory standards.


PreVeil complements Gmail and O365 by providing a secure channel for important communications within the same email environment, using the same email address. This dual-inbox approach allows users to enjoy the benefits of their conventional email systems for non-sensitive communications while relying on PreVeil for scenarios where enhanced security and privacy are crucial. This integration addresses the critical vulnerabilities of traditional email services and makes PreVeil an essential addition to modern digital communication strategies.