The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work. While the preferences of a millennial workforce had led to a rise in remote work over past years, social distancing measures have drastically sped up that process. Now a majority of companies are forced to have their employees work from home, in order to flatten the curve.

Many companies were caught unprepared by the sudden shift. Legacy cybersecurity systems are designed around containing data within an in-office network, and then securing that network with tall walls and attentive IT teams. This approach doesn’t work to secure the data and communications of a remote workforce. Sensitive corporate data is being shared online, across insecure home networks and routers, and it’s impossible to build tall enough walls around each of those individual networks. IT can’t keep up.

PreVeil can help. Named PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice,” PreVeil is a super light touch and ultra secure solution for email and file sharing.

“With PreVeil, you get secure cloud storage along with secure email that’s tough enough for business but extremely easy to use, without switching to a new email address”

writes lead security analyst Neil Rubenking.

PreVeil is designed for enterprises and it’s designed to keep data secure no matter what device or network a user is on. PreVeil employs “weapons-grade encryption,” in PC Magazine’s phrase, to ensure that only the sender and recipient are able to access messages and files. Competitors or mercenary hackers attacking the system – even PreVeil itself – will see only gibberish. Emails and files remain secure even if a network is compromised or a server is breached.

With corporate leadership and staff now scattered widely at home, implementing most expanded security measures is doubly difficult. With PreVeil, high security for remote teams is easy. PreVeil makes the most secure system also the easiest system. “After hearing about the high-end cryptographic technology embodied by this program, you might expect it’d require a PhD to operate” writes Rubenking. “Nothing could be farther from the truth, as I found when I set it up.”

PreVeil simply layers onto your existing Gmail or Outlook365 account. “You create a PreVeil account and add PreVeil to your email client” writes Rubenking. “PreVeil automatically connects with Gmail and Outlook on Windows and Apple Mail under macOS. It also integrates with the native mail app on your mobile devices. That’s it. You don’t have to change to a new email address the way you do with StartMail, ProtonMail, and Private-Mail. You don’t have to do anything special.” You can access your account on your desktop, your laptop, your mobile phone, your iPad, or any other internet-capable device. The user experience is unchanged, but the security is vastly improved.

Don’t struggle with subpar tools. Don’t try to make clunky VPNs work, when they don’t even provide all the protection you need. Work from home will be a part of our lives for the indefinite future. We need secure channels for corporate communication, and PreVeil’s end-to-end encrypted email and file sharing services provide exactly that. Reach out to learn more.